How to become a Yoga Teacher? Its worth, Salary kinti hoti hai?

If you also want to serve people for the sake of health, if you want to make your career in the field of yoga teacher, then there are many employment opportunities for you in government and private sector. Every person wants to be healthy in his life through yoga, according to a disciplined science, yoga helps to establish harmony between human body and soul. This is the reason why every person needs a Yoga Guru. If you want to become a yoga teacher, you need to know what is a yoga teacher, what is the job of a yoga teacher, how to become a yoga teacher? In this article, we are going to tell you how to become a Yoga teacher. After reading this article completely, you will get complete information related to becoming a yoga teacher.

In our country, yoga is considered as a very ancient art to stay physically and mentally healthy, which protects people from diseases and motivates them to live life in the future.

Candidates who want to become a yoga teacher can have a golden option to make their career in the field of yoga teacher.

We are going to tell you what qualifications are required to become a yoga teacher, how to apply for QCI yoga teacher, and all details about yoga teacher salary etc.

What is a yoga teacher? What is Yoga Teacher in Hindi

Just as there is a separate teacher for studying each subject, a teacher who teaches yoga is called a yoga teacher, who performs physical and mental activities to keep a person healthy so that a person can stay healthy through yoga.

Yoga is a medicine that helps in keeping your body, mind and soul completely healthy. Considering today’s diet and disease, every person needs to learn yoga from a yoga teacher.

How to become a yoga teacher? How to Become a Yoga Teacher

If a candidate wants to become a professional yoga teacher then he/she has to do a Certificate Diploma in Yoga degree course after 12th standard. Candidates have to study for a few years after obtaining the certificate degree.

Also, a yoga professional has to be registered under the Quality Council of India (QCI), which provides various quality standards. Also, the exam conducted on the basis of yoga teacher has to be passed with prescribed marks.

Candidates will have to work diligently to complete the course and training, but keep in mind, Yoga offers courses ranging from 1 year to 3 years.

So, choose the course carefully. Candidates whether B.Ed. One can also join these master degree programs. If they complete the course and training, the candidate succeeds in becoming a yoga teacher based on a certificate.

Qualification to Become Yoga Teacher in Hindi

A candidate who wants to succeed as a yoga teacher must possess certain skills and abilities.

Interested candidates must have completed a certificate diploma or yoga degree course after 12th standard in any subject. Also, a candidate must pass Graduation in Corporal Punishment in any discipline to get admission in B.P.E.D.

Personal fitness should also be good to become a yoga teacher, the candidate should be physically and mentally fit. A yoga teacher should have interest, belief and training experience in yoga.

A candidate to become a yoga teacher should have the ability to motivate different groups only then you are considered suitable as a yoga teacher.

How to prepare for yoga teacher? How to Prepare for Yoga Teacher in Hindi

If you want to become a yoga teacher, you have to study hard and you should know about yoga skills and benefits of yoga.

To become a yoga teacher it is necessary to be physically and mentally healthy. To succeed in the exam, you should study corporal punishment and yoga course well.

In the yoga exam many questions related to yoga are asked, along with this the knowledge of the subject of asana should also be known.

Candidates need to know about various sports related competitions of state and central government, because candidates are asked many questions related to sports.

Also, to keep yourself fit, you should wake up in the morning to exercise and teach yoga to people based on exercise.

How to apply for Quality Council of India? How to Apply for Quality Council of India

If you want to become a good quality yoga teacher, you have to register for certification eligibility based on Quality Council of India.

Under which the aspirants had to clear the examination conducted under QCI with prescribed marks to obtain any one certificate as per Level-I, Level-II, Level-III.

If you also want to register for Quality Council of India Exam then you can apply based on QCI Exam.

Different fees are prescribed by the Yoga Certification Board at different levels. For which candidates can apply according to registration fee and examination fee.

Yoga Teacher Salary

There is a very good salary scale in yoga sector. The average salary of a yoga training teacher in India is around 15000 to 32000 rupees per month.

Which can be called a good salary scale for yoga teachers. Also, depending on the experience, one can get a very good salary package abroad in this field.

The salary of a yoga teacher in each state may vary. A yoga teacher gets paid more in a government institution than in a private institution.


So friends, in this article we have told you about yoga teachers. Like, what is a yoga teacher, what does it do, how to become a yoga teacher, qualifications to become a yoga teacher etc.

Also, we talked about the salary of yoga teachers. Also, if you still have any questions or suggestions related to this, you can tell us in the comments.

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