How to start a Medical Store or Pharmacy Business?

Every person has to face discomfort at some point in their life, because today, as the population is increasing, so is the disease and the demand for medicines is also increasing. Due to which, many companies manufacture medicines to keep people healthy and lakhs of medical stores are open to make those medicines available to people. Today, in this article, we are going to tell you how to open a medical store, how to start a pharmacy business?

If any person wants to start a medical store or pharmacy business, medical profession can be said to be a very good business for those people.

Various medicines are prescribed by doctors according to the treatment of a person, which a person has to buy from a medical store, so opening a medical store is very important.

It is a business related to human health, medical business is growing very rapidly, it also offers good benefits and more employment opportunities. This is the reason why the pharmacy business in India is called an Evergreen business.

What is a medical store? What is Medical Store

Let us tell you, all types of medicines are available in the form of medical stores and all types of medicines and all types of health related items are available inside its stores. Which can be opened as a medical store in any hospital or village, town etc.

Although a medical store is also a type of general store, a license to open a medical store is given through a medical diploma to open them. One who sells medicines at retail on a pharmacy shop basis.

How to open a medical store? How to Open Medical Store

People who want to open a medical store first have to become a pharmacist, for this they have to complete one of the various courses related to pharmacy like D.Pharma, B.Pharma, M.Pharma etc.

Because pharmacy license is issued only to those who have completed pharmacy course. All these courses are conducted in different years.

A candidate who wants to start his medical store on his own will have to complete a pharmacy course first.

Apart from this, a registered pharmacist can also be made on the basis of the state council.

If a candidate completes any of these courses, he can get a license to open a medical store on the basis of a certificate.

Qualification for Open a Medical Shop

Students must pass 12th PCM subjects with a certain percentage, after that, they will have to complete D.Pharma course, which is of three years duration or B.Pharma course, which is of two years duration or M.Pharma course. Karna hoga, after which registration in the Pharmacy Council is done.

If the candidate completes any of these courses, he/she will have to register to become a Council Pharmacist at the state level. In which the interested candidates have to register as per the prescribed time.

Course to open medical store

If you also want to join the medical business, then you need to know which course is necessary to open a medical shop, then you get a medical license.

B Pharma: It is a 3 year Bachelor of Pharmacy course which can be done from any recognized institute. Also, after completing this course, you will have to undergo training for 6 months from a private or government company or hospital.

D.Pharma: It takes 2 years for you to pursue this course, which is required to pass PCM in twelfth standard with fixed percentage.

M.Pharma: This course is in the form of Master’s degree which is done after B.Pharma and after B.Pharma this course is of 2 years duration.

Pharm.D: If a candidate wants to pass 12th with PCM subjects or after doing pharmacy diploma course then it may take around 6 years. If you do B.Pharm ke karte hain to 4 saal lagte hain.

By the way, after completing any course, you get a medical certificate, with which you can open any medical store you want.

How to Register State Pharmacy Council? How to Register State Pharmacy Council

To become a registered pharmacist, you have to register with the state pharmacy council, under which the candidate has to register online or offline as per the process, in which the candidate has to attach various educational and personal documents.

If you are going to open a medical store, you must first select any type of community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, etc. according to your required documents pharmacy business, which should be opened by registering the franchise of any big company. can

How to apply for pharmacy or drug license? How to Apply for Pharmacy or Drug License

If you want to start a pharmacy business, you will have to take a license in which the candidate will have to deposit a license fee and this license will be issued only in the name of the person to whom the pharmacy has been given to the candidate. Any diploma or degree course completed from a recognized institute.

How to Run Medical Store in Hindi

If you are going to open a medical store, keep in mind that you are opening a hospital, clinic, town or city. It is better and safer, so that you can tie up with the hospital doctor.

If your medical store is near a hospital then doctors can send patients to your medical shop for medicines.

You should also tie up with local clinicals so that you can tie up with your nearest clinicals to increase customers for your medical store.

Apart from this, you can also advertise and promote in your area, thereby increasing your shop’s chances of growing local and foreign customers.

Medical Store Income

If you look at medical stores, you can earn good income every month, you can earn up to 30-35 thousand rupees every month, which can be called very good income.

But the income from medical store depends on how many medicines you sell and how you sell them, if your medical store runs well, you can earn millions every year in the medical field.

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