What is bird flu and how to avoid it?

You know about corona virus but today we are going to tell you about a virus which is considered to be more dangerous and its name is bird flu, which is the first case of corona infection in the country due to which People have been terrorized but now the bird flu virus is causing a double crisis for us.

In view of bird flu and virus diseases, the central government has ordered all the state governments to be careful. Along with this, everyone has been instructed to take some necessary steps to avoid this.

In this way, many questions are arising in people’s minds about bird flu virus, about which it has become very important for all of us to know. So, in this article we will try to tell you about this virus with details.

Mother know what is bird flu virus? How to avoid it, How does bird flu spread, Bird flu symptoms etc. Apart from this, we will also tell you how to prevent bird flu virus.

What is bird flu? What is Bird Flu in Hindi

Bird flu is a viral disease that can spread from bird to bird and from bird to human. So this disease can prove very dangerous for people.

It is said that this disease is spread due to H5N1 virus which is also known as avian influenza.

There are several types of this virus that can infect humans, the most deadly of which is the H5N1 virus. That is why the bird flu virus is being described as extremely dangerous.

Avian influenza virus usually occurs in birds living in water but this virus can spread easily in birds living in poultry form.

How to avoid bird flu virus? How to Avoid Bird Flu Virus in Hindi

Avian influenza i.e. H5N1 virus is caused by contact with infected live or dead birds. Besides, exposure to contaminated environment also poses a risk of bird flu. But, it is easy for humans, but it is necessary to be alert to the dangerous virus of bird flu.

Because of this, the possibility of bird flu virus spreading among humans increases significantly, taking care of all these, we should avoid the danger of bird flu virus so that we can be safe from this bird flu virus. But it is very important to know some important facts given below

Avoid contact with birds – because this is the reason why the virus is spreading from birds to humans in the country and it can also be spread through the liquid from the nose, ears, mouth, feces etc. of wild birds. He should avoid coming in contact with all these.

Pay attention to hygiene – handle birds with bare hands and keep distance from them to avoid H5N1 virus. Because, bird flu virus can be spread through faeces and saliva for about 9-10 days. Also, poultry can spread from chickens.

Don’t touch raw meat or egg – raw meat or egg can also infect anyone, so gloves should be worn while washing chicken or egg and meat should be worn on mouth. Because, the virus can also come under the grip of contaminated surfaces.

While maintaining a normal distance, birds or dead bodies should not be passed.

If you go near birds and clean their droppings, do it with gloves.

If the birds come in contact with the liquid or touch it with their hands, they must wash their hands with soap.

Sanitizing hands from time to time is very important to avoid bird flu virus.

Work related to birds People who work in the forest department must be careful with animals and birds.

If a person touches his mouth with his hands contaminated with bird’s liquid or faeces, he is also at risk of infection.

Avoid visiting affected areas such as poultry farms and keep distance from any infected person.

Be sure to wear a mask on your mouth and gloves on your hands when touching raw meat or eggs without touching the surface.

Cook the chicken at a temperature of around 70-100 degrees Celsius as high heat kills the virus.

Raw meat and eggs should be kept away from food and other things to avoid bird flu and keep yourself safe.

If you want to avoid bird flu virus then change your habit immediately because raw chicken, egg and other ways can also infect you with the virus which is a very dangerous disease in the form of bird flu. It is the biggest cure hota hai.

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