What is yoga and what are its benefits?

what is yoga : Yoga is not just a posture but an Indian culture that keeps you physically and mentally healthy. This is a five thousand year old style of Indian knowledge. This gives us the power to fight many diseases. Often, in the rush of life’s race, we forget to take care of our health. Very few people do yoga regularly.

For fitness we go to the gym, there we try to keep our body fit by using many machines. Apart from this, he spends a lot of money in the gym, but he does not focus on yoga.

A research shows that 70 percent of youth join a gym instead of doing yoga, because they feel that yoga is a slow process. Perhaps these people are unaware of the benefits of yoga.

Yoga is better than exercise. Today, in this article, we will talk about this. Yoga kya hai aur iske kya-kya benefits hai?

Always wear comfortable clothes and do this yoga.

Take a bath before doing yoga.

Do lower stomach yoga.

Practice yoga with courage and perseverance.

Do not eat anything for 30 minutes after doing yoga.

Take bath after 1 hour of doing yoga.

Always breathe at the end after doing yoga.

Do yoga always in a clean place.

Do not force your body at all.

Consult a doctor if you have any medical problems.

Types of Yoga

There are many pure ways of yoga but mainly there are 4 major types of yoga, which are as follows.

1) Peace of mind

Yoga se hamre shirar ki maskein ka tot achha exercise hota hi hai saath hi this ses hame ko mana mein mein milta hai milta hai. Medical research has proven that yoga is physically and mentally beneficial.

By yoga, stress is removed and the sleep is good, the appetite is good, the digestion is also correct. This makes the mind always calm.

2) Stress free life

If you include yoga in your routine you can have a stress free life. Studies say that today every second person is under stress.

Due to stress we fall prey to many diseases. That is why yoga makes you stress free. Appa man ki shanti militta hai nidhi slieda aati hai, digestion sahi rahta hai.

3) Fatigue of the body disappears

When we do yoga, there are many actions like stretching, contracting, spasming and stretching of the muscles. It removes the tiredness of our body and we feel refreshed every time. If you do yoga regularly, your body will be energized.

4) Disease free body

Yoga makes the body healthy, because it gives us the strength to fight diseases. In many diseases like heart disease, diabetes and asthma, yoga is also recommended.

Blood sugar level is controlled by yoga and respiratory disorders are also eradicated. That’s why if you do yoga everyday, you will be healthy.

5) Weight control

70 percent of people in the world are victims of obesity. But we can control obesity by incorporating yoga in our lifestyle. Doing yoga makes the body flexible.

It strengthens our muscles and reduces extra fat from the body. It also strengthens our digestive system. Yoga is a very good way of fitness.

6) Always young

Yoga not only makes you glow on the face but also helps you to stay young forever because the glands inside the body work properly with yoga asanas.

7) The body will remain energetic

Every day in our busy life we ​​face many problems. Because of the stress of work, we get tired both in the body and the mind. The energy of the body is exhausted.

But if you adopt yoga in your lifestyle, you will feel energetic. There are many people who do yoga and look young even in old age.

8) Improvement in relationships

Yoga improves our relationship with our loved ones. A mind that is free from anxiety, happy and satisfied, is good for relationships. Yoga and meditation bring peace and tranquility to the mind. It gives us the ability to build beautiful relationships with loved ones.

9) Control blood sugar level

Yoga can also control your blood sugar level and reduce elevated blood sugar levels. Yoga is extremely beneficial for diabetic patients. Along with this, it also reduces LDL or bad cholesterol.

10. Live with more mindfulness

The mind is constantly wandering in the past and the future, but it never stops in the present. In general, awareness in the state of mind relieves us from stress.

It gives peace to the mind and increases working capacity. Yoga and pranayama bring the mind into the present moment, making us happy and goal-oriented.

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